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For “Fresh Start” @ Fairweather’s. Artist Toni Avery on exhibit through March 25.

Standing Water triptych  (ea. pc. 24×36)  by Toni Avery.

“Painter of the commonplace.”

Downpour 36×36 by Toni Avery.

“Painter of the commonplace.”

Reed Grass (Diptych ea. pc. 24×24)  by Toni Avery. 

“Painter of the commonplace.”

Toni Avery Statement:

“My paintings begin where memory and emotion merge and this is where my creativity is born. As a child growing up in the small Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park, I was exposed to a world of art, music, and surprisingly back then, nature.

I spent countless hours outside, climbing trees, bike riding or going on endless walks over the many staircases that wind throughout the hills of Echo Park and Elysian park.  During those long summer days I became connected “to” and also a part “of” the outdoors. I would study the way the light played off of the leaves or how the rolling hills turned a deep gold; the way the wind would create waves in the tall grass and how the shadows faded to blue and purple in the late afternoon sun.

Something inside me wants to recapture those times  and I believe that is why I am fascinated by the contrast and color there may be in a shadow, or the defining opposition of a streak of light cutting through the cool darkness of the shade; the world at its most basic level.  I find the greatest joy through color, texture, shadow and light. Not perfection, but rather imperfections, limitations and nuances that bring meaning.

I’ve come to appreciate that recognizing an object and knowing it are quite different. Trying to capture the essence of ones connection to a thing, a place or a person allows it to transform into more… something unique to the artist.

My work is not seeking perfection, but rather glimpsing the beauty of the commonplace. My paintings are a reflection of times past, and of things that never change.  This is a sample of my work, my experiences, my translation of life.”

Toni Avery triptych on display.

Fairweather House and Gallery

Through March 25

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

“A Fresh Start” featuring artists Toni Avery, Bill Baily, Karen Doyle, Christine Downs, Bob Heath, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Gayle H. Seely and Bill Shumway.

Art glass by Christine Downs and painting by Toni Avery on display.

Toni Avery experiences life and records her place in those experiences. This knowledge is both individual and distinctive.

“This exhibit’s expectation lies in its possibility to present fresh, new perspectives, inspiration, experiences, reflection and even the possibility for transcendence in some way.”


Grace note received:

“It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing the gallery … so interesting and the artwork is wonderful.  Rich and I were both saying how much we enjoyed hearing the stories behind the work too. Fascinating. Thanks again for including me in your beautiful gallery/store collection. I do appreciate it.” Toni

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