For Fairweather’s “Fresh Start”. Artist Bill Shumway. On exhibit through March 25.

Canyon Creek Convergence by W. E. Shumway 16×16 acrylic

Lakeside View by W. E. Shumway 15×14 acrylic

River Reflections by W. E. Shumway 10.75×14.75 acrylic


William E. Shumway, artist

I was born in Amherst, MA. I grew up in a household full of music. I still seek a harmonic resonance between pictorial elements so that they resonate with the whole.

During my time earning an MA in painting at the University of Massachusetts, I apprenticed with master print maker, Jack Coughlin. I operated galleries and frame studios in Amherst, Northampton and Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

My artwork evolved rapidly towards abstract expressionism after studying with Hui Ming Wang, Leonard Baskin, Walter Kamys and Chuck Close. My graduate thesis works were based entirely on a single dream experience in which each art object was on display in a dream gallery. I measured and inspected how they were constructed and made notes. On waking, I transferred those notes to my drawing pad and made 20 painted canvas sculptures.

When I arrived in Corvallis, I was moved by the wildness of Oregon’s landscapes. I decided to open up to new ways of seeing and painting while incorporating the elements of abstraction that I had previously embraced. It was very humbling to be in a community where no one knew me as an artist and where I had no body of work, no studio, no tools or any supplies or connections. I shifted towards painting more directly and in the moment. At the same time, I experimented with all manner of processes and materials, like heated copy toners and teas, mixed media, such as carpenters’ crayons, acrylic and spray paints. Later, I discovered mica based interference pigments and still use them today to enhance luminosity and color shifting effects.

I operated Pegasus Gallery for 35 years until my retirement in August 2014. The gallery, which is now owned by my daughter Paige, served regional and international artists over the years and generated collaborative events with other galleries.




Fairweather House and Gallery

Through March 25

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

 “A Fresh Start” featuring artists Toni Avery, Bill Baily, Karen Doyle, Christine Downs, Bob Heath, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Gayle H. Seely and Bill Shumway.

“This exhibit’s expectation lies in its possibility to present fresh, new perspectives, inspiration, experiences, reflection and even the possibility for transcendence in some way.”

“I helped start and facilitate the Vistas & Vineyards en plein air program and co-chaired the art procurement for the Corvallis Arts Center. I introduced many downtown business owners to the concept of hosting art work in their establishments so that new artists could get a start in less competitive venues. Happily, local patrons now expect to mix art with their shopping and dining experiences,”  writes Bill Shumway.


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