Oregon Governor’s order. Mar. 24. Stay at home. Artists create at home.

“Create” folded book art by Mary Bottita

“Read” folded book art by Mary Bottita


Sketching and pondering from Karen Doyle


Turtle by Paul Brent. C/. 2020


Seahorse by Paul Brent. C./ 2020 By


Ghost net basket turning inward by Emily Miller C./ 2020

Ghost net basket series. Spring 2020 by Emily Miller

“I’m also working on a wall piece with about 1,000 tiny chips of plastic. The title of the piece is Anthropocene and it’s inspired by the idea that our human impact on the earth has become so significant that it will be written in the fossil record.”  Emily Miller

Reposting  Fairweather Gallery March 15, 2020:

In order to protect the health and safety our guests, our community, and our staff the Gallery is closing its doors to visitors through April.


“Artists and those that support the arts have a unique sensitivity in the ability to pivot and meet needs that enlighten and inform, in my opinion.”  D. Fairweather, galleriest

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