Bev Drew Kindley. On-line exhibition ‘In Full Bloom’ at Fairweather’s May 2-25, 2020.

 May 2020
Country Garden 18″ x 24″ x .75

Bev Drew Kindley watercolor En Plein Air

“Painted outdoors in my backyard garden with the sunshine highlighting the fresh spring colors and helping us forget all the rain that makes Oregon so green.” Bev Drew Kindley

“I’m a native Oregonian who paints to understand, and enjoy the inspiration of unique moments of light and weather. My impressionistic works of art are to viewed as visual celebrations, connecting with light, color, form, texture and design. It’s my way of communicating with the world. My hope is to encourage appreciate and protection of our heritage and world.”  Bev Drew Kindley

Bev Drew Kindley

About the artist:

“I have taught painting classes and worked in the art business for quite some time. At present, my greater enthusiasm is painting “en plein air”, a French term, meaning to paint working outdoors, and capturing the light without a short time frame because of the immediacy of the experience, as well as, the abundance of visual information along with the possibility of sudden breakthroughs in methods due to improvising.

“Sanctuary” original by Bev Drew Kindley

All of my recent work begins with the experience of the real location, later finished in the studio, oftentimes with the aid of sketches and photos of the location.”  Bev Drew Kindley (degrees in Art and Philosophy/ Portland State University)

Sea Grass Waterfall by Bev Drew Kindley

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 “Always inspired by outdoor scenes and growing things,  I want to share to share the sense of life and joy I feel through the spontaneous nature of water and paint.  My painting is a celebration of our precious environment, an act of mindfullness, and a poem of gratitude.  Discovering ways to express this is my journey.”  Bev Drew Kindley

No barriers to art this month – Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for May will be 100% online!

So, here it goes, the May Art Walk  will be a concept of gallery-coordinated virtual exhibits.

As we continue following the State’s stay at home order,  Seaside galleries remain closed until further notice.

However, a few of the galleries have gone on-line and are committed to assist you during this COVID-19 time via e-mail and through social media platforms.

Virtual tour movie will be May 2-25.

Thank you for supporting the arts in Seaside.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Online until further notice

A curatorial virtual NW exhibition titled ‘In Full Bloom’

Fairweather House and Gallery brings together artists’ works in a variety of genres and interpretations, grouping them into an online spectrum of themes and colors.

Features art by Jo Pomeroy Crockett, Christine Downs, Bev Drew Kindley, Dorota Haber-Leligh, Greta Lindwood, Melissa Jander, and Carmela Newstead.

“Happiness is being outdoors absorbing nature– watching, waiting, sensing, and beginning to notice the poetry of the flow of shapes and colors, the grand design.  Next best are my many reminders and memories of the beauty seen and felt.”  Bev Drew Kindley

Featured art  work includes botanical realism, abstraction, and surrealism.

Art can be purchased and picked-up by curbside appointment or delivered free locally.

Contact gallery curator or message on FB @fairweatherhouseandgallery

We will see you, hopefully, on the other side of the pandemic crisis.

Until then,  we will continue sharing and connecting in the arts with the artists and you…

Enjoy a flash back LIVE painting demonstration by Bev Drew Kindley at Fairweather’s in 2017.

“I have a strong wish to share ideas, sketches, and choices.I feel watercolor best expresses the mood with its depth of color and independent ways of spontaneously creating shapes and textures suggesting nature.”  Bev Drew Kindley

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