Grace note received:
“It was wonderful visiting the gallery after your COVID-19  shutdown. Here are some of the pictures of the work I painted at home during the time spent in isolation and just delivered to you.”  Peg Wells

‘Mt. Hood View’  10″ x 15″ encaustic art by Peg Wells

With frame  15″ x 19″ $250

Strike off to show complementing frame detail
I was a Navy wife, mother, critical care nurse and golfer for many years. We lived in many different states and countries.  I spend summers on the Oregon Coast, enjoying family, and live in the Willamette Valley during the winter. My art background has been with clay – hand built, pottery and tile design, until discovering painting with encaustic (bees wax).”   Peg Wells

‘Yellow Flowers for You’ encaustic art by Peg Wells

10″ x 10″ $150

‘Many Flowers for You’ encaustic art by Peg Wells

10″ x 10″ $200

“With a history that stretches back to the hauntingly beautiful portraits of ancient Greece, modern encaustic art is enjoying a renewal of popularity among artists and art lovers alike.  Art collectors are assimilating encaustic art into their collections.  Peg Well’s encaustic works depict a broad range of surface effects and has a luminous translucency that is, truly, unique in innovation and creativity.”   —D. Fairweather, gallerist

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


Open Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun 11-4:pm

Closed Tue and Wed until July

Moving forward our hours will remain limited until there is a convincing containment of the coronavirus.

“Fairweather House and Gallery had a few sales during the recent mandated shutdown. Some galleries pinned their hopes on online sales.  To thrive online we would have to forfeit our main role: our knowledge on a work of art and our capacity to transform an art object into a story. Therefore, the solution to go online was never an option;  we needed to stay mindful about the fact that this was totally contrary to what our business is.

And, too, on-going messages from artists during the 3 month shutdown provided much-needed solace for us. Art lovers will drive future sales for it is really the special artist stories that people are waiting for, in our opinion.

Looking back, previous exhibitions featured more than 100 new works of art.  It was heartwarming to find that moving forward during a partial reopening that artists delivered 76 new works of art  in original oils, watercolors, and other media as well as new pottery and bronzes with everyone following reopening safety guidelines. 

Since reopening in June  we are working much harder for the artists than in normal times. Indeed, the pandemic crisis is a strange situation for everyone all over the world. 

The arts have always helped people to cope in dark times. We are grateful for the artists who used their time in isolation to create, to be more hopeful,  to be even more connected to each other, to reaching out even more to the gallery, sharing their art stories and caring even more deeply for all the citizens of the world.”  –-D. Fairweather, gallerist

Please read more about our gallery and our commitment to NW artists and products made by NW hands.

“Part curatorial, part installation Fairweather House and Gallery brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and grouping them in seasonal spectrums.”

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