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Just in from Victoria Brooks. For Fairweather’s 2020 summer season.

“Surf Play” 16 x 20 original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks



“Summer Fun” 18 x 24 original oil on linen  by Victoria Brooks


“Sometimes a painting resonates emotionally goes to a home to savor the feelings it evokes again and again. Sometimes a painting reminds someone of something in their own life,  perhaps, rekindling memories of shared moments, and sometimes clients just like a painting’s technical execution or want to add a little more beauty to their lives.”  VB



“Splash” 20 x 16 original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks


“Red Ribbon” 16 x 20 original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks


Through numerous gallery exhibitions and shows, art lovers around the world have come to admire and enjoy the art works of Victoria Brooks. She captures the essence of sun-drenched images typical of  a vibrant, impressionistic style.


“Get the Ball” 18 x 24 original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks


“Dad’s Help” 18 x 24 original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks

Victoria Brook’s paintings are characterized by intimate moments set in richly conceived seascapes. The result is a hauntingly personal connection with the viewer that resonates at the deepest emotional level. Her special talents are particularly evident in her expressive paintings where she reflects the mood and nature of her subjects at the shore.



“Beach Ballet” 11 x 14 original oil on linen by  Victoria Brooks


“A graceful woman strolls along a beach alone, the wind teasing her hair… sun-washed children discover treasures translucent, breaking waves have tossed ashore… a monumental rock formation, bathed in a kaleidoscope of hues by the setting sun, stands guard where sea meets land and day meets night…” VB

Victoria Brooks and her art on display at Fairweather’s.

After a successful career and many national awards as an art director in television and motion pictures, she pursued her love of painting, which she has been doing for 25 years.

For more about the artist, please visit …artists/ …Victoria Brooks.

Grace note received…


“It was good to see you!  I’m so happy you are hanging in there with the Gallery during the COVID crisis. It brings joy to so many people.  Take special care.”  Victoria Brooks

“Indeed, at the  gallery, new safety measures are proving more of a plus than an inconvenience.  Visitors’ newfound awareness of their surroundings following the reopening have created a more focused, harmonious gallery experience. These days, you feel like everything is slowing down generally, it is actually kind of nice to take time to really see an exhibit. 

As a curator,  balancing public safety along with the desire to allow visitors to freely engage with art;  truly, everyone seems to understand the situation we are all in, and for this, I am thankful.”  D. Fairweather, gallerist


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