Art by Lean Kohlenberg and Bev Drew Kindley placed in Fairweather’s lay-away!

“Devil’s Cauldron” oil impasto painting by Leah Kohlenberg. SOLD!

The Devil’s Cauldron is a cliff-backed cove just south of Short Sand Beach.

The ocean swells churn and froth around a handful of sea stacks,  making this a spectacular view on a fine day.

A viewpoint at the top of the cliffs can be reached from the nearby Oregon Coast Trail.

“I have been drawing and painting for 18 years, but the impasto work at Fairweather’s is entirely new for me.This oil painting was inspired by the Oregon coast, but the colors are wild and bright (sometimes wacky) and the land forms are intentionally abstract.” Leah Kohlenberg

Spot on!

Cauldron oil impasto by Leah Kohlenberg placed in a Fairweather lay-away plan!



Q: Did you know that people buy art on lay-away installment plans?  

A: It is a concept that has always been part of the art gallery world. 




“Following the Flowers” by Bev Drew Kindley SOLD!


“An Oregon artist, I paint impressionistic landscapes “en plein air” my paintings are based on site experience, memories, sketches and photos.

Searching for the brightness and joy in every season, inspired by the light and energy I find in nature, I experiment to transform the excitement I

feel into colors, shapes, movements and brushstrokes.”   Bev Drew Kindley




Q:  Who was the woman artist who did a painting demo in a Seaside hotel recently?  She was painting a landscape. I would like to purchase a work of art by the artist. She was very generous with her time visiting with me.

A: The River Inn at Seaside sponsored a painting LIVE event with Fairweather artist Bev Drew Kindley.  Painting demonstrations are a wonderful way to view an artist working.  Please make an appointment to visit the Fairweather Gallery in Seaside. This is the best way to see Bev’s newest work. In addition to being a Fairweather resident artist, Bev Drew Kindley participates in solo exhibitions, pop-up galleries, and studio shows.



“Following the Flowers” by Bev Drew Kindley placed in a Fairweather lay-away plan!



Fairweather’s lay-away plan for art:

We take the price of the art divide by however many months the patron wants to pay the art off and set up a payment plan with an automatic credit card payment each month. 

The art remains in the gallery, safely stored, in layaway until it is paid. There are no additional holding or finance charges, and the art may be viewed anytime a patron wishes to visit it until it is ready to go home.

Fairweather’s has always believed art should be available to all people and that is why we offer lay-away payment plans for art.

Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands



“Art touches people in a way that words cannot.

Especially now in our time of Covid-19 crisis, art reaches out and holds a light of hope.

Through color and expression, art is healing for the artist and for humanity.

In our most dire hours, art keeps us sane, lights the dark and ensures we stay human.”

~ Benjamin Law, journalist/writer


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