“Salty Pelican” original oil on canvas 18 “x 24” by Paul Brent

“A new Pelican painting in oil that I completed for the 2020 SHORE THINGS exhibit at the Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, Oregon. The exhibit opened July 4th and continues through July 30th.”  Paul Brent


Grace notes received about Paul Brent’s “Salty Pelican”

Tillamook Head and the Necanicum River in Seaside. Never get tired of looking at it. JW

Fantastic!! You NEVER disappoint! Just beautiful! Best to you at your exhibit. PS

Beautiful bird and quite at home in that familiar setting! CM

Spectacular! This portrayal moves me beyond words. TB

Very soothing artwork. We need a lot of this now. JM

He has such character. Beautiful scenery! JG

He looks like he could speak to us! RB


To read more, please visit Paul Brent’s artist tab at  fairweatherhouseandgallery.com



Q: Where in the world is Tillamook Head, you ask?

A: Tillamook Head  is high off the Pacific coast of northwest Oregon in the United States. It is located in Clatsop County, approximately 5 mi southwest of Seaside. It is a steep rocky bluff on the ocean, approximately 1,200 ft high, forested with Sitka spruce.




Q: Where in the world is the Necanicum River, you ask?

A: The Necanicum River enters the Pacific Ocean at  Seaside, Oregon with its final approach to the ocean is nearly parallel to the coast running south to north through the downtown.

It is approximately 21 miles long and drains a timber-producing area of the Oregon Coast Range in Clatsop County.


Necanicum an anglicization of Ne-hay-ne-hum, which was the name of an Indian lodge near the ocean (now Seaside, Oregon) and utilizes the prefix, ne-, meaning “place.” William Clark first marked it as Kil â mox (a variant that would eventually become Killamook, then Tillamook) to describe a “butifull river” that emptied into ..


Brown Pelican photo

The  abundance of this seabird species represents a success story for conservationists, who halted the use of DDT in the United States.

The Brown Pelican is a comically elegant bird with an oversized bill lives year-round in estuaries and coastal habitats.

They have long necks and bills with a stretchy throat with an expandable pouch to hold food after capturing fish.

Paul Brent spoke to art patrons and demonstrated  painting  LIVE during the opening reception of SHORE THINGS at Fairweather’s on July 4th.




August 1st, 5-7:PM

Opening Reception


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Paul Brent will demonstrate painting LIVE


“Beginning a new sandpiper painting.”

Fairweather House and Gallery
612 Broadway



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