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Paul Brent and his Salty Pelican backstory.

“Salty Pelican”


Original oil on canvas 18 “x 24” by Paul Brent

Painting in the north light basks the subject matter and painting in the same cool atmosphere. This helps the artist have far greater control over values, contrasts and subtle color changes within a painting.”

 Brown Pelican painting completed in Paul Brent’s North coast Seaside studio is going to a new home in Florida!



Seaside to Florida art backstory.

“So long and fare thee well. It is hard to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is the last day for the painting to be in the gallery.

Salty Pelican has found a lovely new home.”




“The painting is currently in the process of being crated and then will be shipped at no charge. I cannot begin to thank Paul Brent for his new work and his two new art patrons for their support of the arts, especially during this year. Art saves.”   D. Fairweather, gallerist.






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