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Just in from Paul Brent. New artful masks!


Just in!

Exclusive Paul Brent fabric in an artful Seaside design.

But, wait, there’s more exclusive artful  Paul Brent fabric!



And in a collaboration with a local tailor, now Fairweather Gallery has lovely and artful masks in Paul Brent fabric designs.



Each mask is made-by-hand in Seaside, Oregon.

100% breathable cotton, double stitched, contoured fit, elastic ties, lined, and with adjustable nose bridge inserts.







Q: What is happening, you ask?

A: The ability to pivot. Supporting artists and makers in the community even more. Finding the good.


Fairweather House and Gallery is pleased to announce that more than 4 local textile artists are making high quality masks!!!   Each mask is safely packaged. Ever turning and pivoting to serve our community during the global pandemic crisis. With deep appreciation to Sai, Paul, Beth, Kathy and Steven for helping make this happen. 



Fairweather Gallery COVID-19 standards in place

Pivoting during the pandemic.
Reprinting an article/ August 2020

“Pivoting” to keep up with ever-changing conditions

During this pandemic I have seen many small business owners in our community who, despite facing an endless stream of challenges and incredible uncertainty, show up every day at their businesses— masked up and ready to serve with a smile (under their required PPE, of course).

My colleagues and I have been given the honor to be a trusted confidant to these owners, providing knowledge, insight and emotional support as they battle their fear of failure, attempt to overcome worries of not being able to provide for their families, stay up late at night filling out endless and complex applications for federal, state and local assistance, and become utterly exhausted “pivoting” to keep up with ever-changing customer tastes and preferences.

I have come to discover that a common denominator exists in the business owners who keep showing up every day. It is passion. Passion to serve, passion for their products and services, passion for their community and ultimately the passion to provide for themselves and their families. It is this passion that feeds the tenacity required to keep fighting, innovating, and pushing forward in the face of incredible challenge.

To those with waning energy to keep up the good fight to keep the lights on, this is the time to think about what drove you to start your business? Did you want to harness your creativity and build something for your community? Likely it started with a strong desire and now is the time to tap into that. Rekindle that fire that gives you the energy to lean into the fight. It just may make all the difference in ensuring your business not only survives but thrives.

Jessica Newhall is the associate director and Small Business Management program manager for the Clatsop Community College Small Business Development Center



Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands


“As Fairweather House and Gallery- amid continued concerns – progresses forward towards regaining events while practicing health and safety measures and exercising agility among the changes that impact being open. Much is still needed in the recovery; however, the arts community is working together to be resilient and overcome the ongoing challenges. Indeed, art saves.”  D. Fairweather, gallerist


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