Alluring, distinctive and exquisite products, never-before-seen at Faiweather’s.

“During COVID-19, the gallery digs a bit deeper into the subject of the handmade, with a reverence for artisans who are producing exclusive objects while in isolation.”

Embossed leather cuff bracelet with a slideable sterling wrapped gemstone cab by metal smith Nikki Hatt


 Sterling silver hammer stone with flawless cubic zirconia ring by Nikki Hatt

Torch-Fired enamel dragonfly pendant by Nikki Hatt





Dragonflies were the first winged insects to evolve 300 million years ago, fossils show that they had wingspans of two feet.  Dragonflies are expert fliers and can fly like a helicopter. Their flight patterns have inspired engineers designing drone robots. They live most of their as a nymph and fly only for a fraction of their life. In lore, they represent transformation, adaptation and insight. 



Northwest jewelry designer Nikki Hatt is known for her unique combinations of semi-precious gemstone bracelets and necklaces.

Nikki Hatt metal smith

She teaches jewelry making classes and workshops in the Northwest on a variety of techniques, including: soldering, metal clay, fold forming, riveting, wire weaving, , bezel setting and more.

“Every design by metal smith Nikki Hatt starts with an original idea, sketched out to create an exquisite handmade piece of jewelry. Smithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations. Shaping metal by forging with a hammer is the archetypical component of smithing. Handmade jewelry is literally just that, made by the “hands” of the artisan or maker. The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of mass-produced manufacturing machinery.”  D. Fairweather, gallerist

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