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For OVER and UP. Jan Rimerman’s artist statement.


“Sunflowers at Dawn”  mixed media by Jan Rimerman

36 x 36 x 1.75″ $1800

During this spring the Botanical Collection was created. The colors became brighter as the events unfolded.  The new work creates an escape into color and organic shapes.”  

OVER and UP exhibition

Through Sept. 26th

Fairweather House & Gallery

Seaside, Oregon


“OVER and UP” is extremely significant during this time period.  People in this time frame are searching for answers, safety and reassurance. For me, painting these bright and lively botanicals is my response to the hardships that each of us are tackling right now.  While getting lost in the design and applying the cheerful colors it lifts my spirits and brings me “Over & Up” beyond the immediate moment.”  Jan Rimerman


This new series is saucy & ready to brighten up the world. Each piece begins with a powdered charcoal under painting with an ink drawing drawn over it.  Transparent fluid acrylics are painted on top in many layers to create the luminescence & dimension.

Each piece is a party of movement and energy.  This is very different from my typical work, but the freedom of pattern and bright colors gives me hope of a more joyous time in our lives.  My time spent in France runs through these compositions.  The beautiful luminescent light tickling the sunflowers while they are gently dancing in the warm breeze is one of my best memories.”
Jan Rimerman
Artist/Art Administrator
Visual Art Coordinator & Curator Lakewood Center Gallery
Director/Curator Rain Spark Gallery
Director Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands
Neptune Studios

In the studio, I am currently working to finish my “Turtle Tales” book. We do a fund raising project for the Western Pond Turtle with The Wetlands Conservancy called: Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands.  PS I love my masks that I bought at the gallery!!!  Jan






We are concerned about the fires right now. Dave’s stone sculpture studio was evacuated. As of this minute, it is still standing. Our home & my studio and the area close to it are at level #2. I have the turtle tubs out for a fast evacuation & our “to go” bags in the car. Jan




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