For LIGHT and SHADOWS. Artist Diane Copenhaver. Exhibition opens Oct. 3rd @ Fairweather’s.

“Be Still” abstract on canvas by Diane Copenhaver

24″ x 36″  $795.

“Art can offer an escape, a respite, and an inspiration, qualities that informed my work during this year’s challenges.” DC

“Movement I and II” abstract diptych on canvas by Diane Copenhaver

diptych (pronounced dip-tick) is a piece of art created in two parts. It is a textured painting, made in the format of the pictures where the two parts will be the same size.

“Working with dark and light in a palette of primarily blue, turquoise and magenta, I used a technique that brings a soft focus to work. Layers of white over parts of the paintings express a feeling of shadow or mystery and encourage an inquiry of what lies beneath or beyond.” Diane Copenhaver

Celebrating 16 years in 2020, the next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk will be held between 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 3rd.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

 LIGHT and SHADOWS Fairweather’s October Art Sale and Show featuring artists Paul Brent, Diane Copenhaver, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Neal Maine, Emily Miller, and Vanessa K. Stokes.

“The Fairweather theme for October provided the backdrop for the paintings I created. A goal was to express a sense of calm and comfort abstractly, and I hope that the works will be viewed as light and hopeful.” DC

Bringing together works by very different artists – in terms of age, geography, and medium – this exhibition draws the viewer’s attention to the beauty of the understated, giving the viewer a chance to focus on texture.

Renewing Fairweather’s pledge to forward the sale proceeds from Neal Maine’s art in support of NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy.

 Go to for more information.

Artist Diane Copenhaver embarked on a journey of discovery to unleash her creative talents after a career with Boeing.

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