“Landscape” by Tedd Chilless 6×6″ acrylic



Seaside artist Tedd Chilless thrives on working on portraits and figurative paintings in the fall and winter, and landscapes during the spring and summer. His forty years working as an architect infuse many of his artworks with a “keen realism.”

After painting for more than twenty years, his collection grew out of fascination with the beautiful landscapes and impressionistic figurative paintings.



“Getting older means having to exercise your mind by learning new skills. Over the past few years, my painting hand developed a tremor. I had to change almost everything about my painting style, taking on a more relaxed approach and embracing the palette knife as my tool of choice. The result is artwork that’s bolder and more impressionistic.”  TC

“Lavendar Fields” oil by Tedd Chilless 20×20″

“It was so wonderful to capture the color of lavendar during the height of its blooming season.” TC


His subjects include the most breathtaking spots in Oregon. He loves the patchworks of color and texture embrace giant skies and views that go on for miles and miles. It’s easy to get lost in its beauty. His love for floral paintings has peaked his interest.



“Flowers for Inspiration” oil by Tedd Chilless, 12×16″

See Tedd Chilless preparing for his Stoller Winery’s exhibit:




Tedd Chilless prepared an artist’s portfolio for the Fairweather Gallery of his artworks.


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