For WILD BEAUTY. Exhibition opening Nov. 7th. NW artist Leopoldine Brew.

“SMILEY” oil on canvas by Leopoldine Brew

18″ x 24″

“As a wildlife artist I try to find peacefulness and tranquility when painting an animal discovered in a protected environment.” LB

2020 International Recognition American Arts Award representing United States presented to NW artist Leopoldine Brew.

About the artist:

I am devoted to capturing the grandeur of wildlife and conveying their fragile future to viewers through my paintings. In my communion with wild animals, I have long felt their equality with humans, and abhor the notion that humans are inherently superior to these grand living beings. They experience every emotion that humans do: pleasure and pain, hardship and joy, parenting and family bonds, stress and repose. I feel a compelling need to communicate through my work the overwhelming similarities between humans and animals.”  LB


Artwork  backstory:

This baby cheetah, Darlene, came to Portland from the San Diego Zoo with her sister Mary Jane. I saw these two beautiful baby cheetahs  while there were overwhelmed from the kids tapping the glass to get their attention. Darlene  had run away in and I found her in another window.  She turned around and saw me with my big lens camera. She reacted with an angry hiss. This painting is the mad face she gave me.”  LB


“Darlene” oil on canvas by Leopoldine Brew

 24″ x 36″



Leo’s devotion to capturing the grandeur of wildlife in her paintings was first nurtured with trips to the Portland zoo with her dad when she was quite young. Leo has adopted a respect for all life forms and overwhelming similarities between humans and animals. She has found her wildlife subjects in the G.G. Conservation Reserve in South Africa, at the San Diego Zoo, and currently paints the wildlife animals found at the Portland Zoo.




I am expressing my love of animals through art. It is my heartfelt passion.”




Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


 WILD BEAUTY exhibition

Through Nov. 24th

Featuring NW artists Leopoldine “LEO” Brew, Agnes Field,  Patricia Clark-Finley, Dorota Haber-Leligh, Ron Nicolaides, Neal Maine, Jan Rimerman, and Vanessa K. Stokes.

Welcoming  encaustic artist Claudia Fuenzalida Johns.

The strength of WILD BEAUTY lies in the detailed and multivariate perspectives each artist brings showing us a different viewpoint.

They all use WILD BEAUTY as the theme of their work but they use different techniques and the way they see it is distinctively unique.

With considerable time visiting zoos and sanctuaries, Leopoldine Brew invested in an emotional connection that enables her to portray the spirit of the soul and life of majestic wild animals in art that consists of rendering, composition, and repetition of line work.


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