Just in from metalsmith Nikki Hatt and jewelry designer Mary Truhler.


Just in from metalsmith Nikki Hatt
Ring size 8 hammered satin silver band with Vintaj key


Four rings handmade by Nikki Hatt

  1. Ring size 6.25/ handmade brass foldfrom with moonstone and sterling bezel
  2. Adjustable ring handmade argentium sterling with mercury dime
  3. Ring size 7.25 sterling patina worry with brass and copper spinners
  4. Ring size 7.25 handmade argentium sterling set with garnet CZ crystal

Ring size 5.50 handmade  sterling silver three ring set with garnet and stone

She teaches metalsmithing classes and conducts workshops in the Northwest on a variety of techniques including: soldering, metal clay, fold forming, riveting, wire weaving, and bezel setting.

 Shaping metal by forging with a hammer is the archetypical component of metalsmithing. Handmade jewelry is literally just that, made by the “hands” of the maker. 



From Mary Truhler


Just in from Mary Truhler

Iron wood pendant necklace with tiger’s eye crystals



Just in from jewelry design Mary Truhler

Mouth blown glass bubbles, pearl puddles, and seed pearl  asymmetrical necklace

Mary Truhler, retired from nursing, a career not for the faint of heart, to channel jewelry in an asymmetrical jewelry.  Keeping true to her inner voice, with designs for those who are looking to stand out from the crowd and who are equally daring with their choices.

Asymmetry is Mary’s signature design elements

If you are looking for a unique necklace, consider the contemporary edge of asymmetrical jewelry –a simple shift in design perspective.




Fairweather’s  jewelry artists:

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