Launching the art of black and white jewelry by designer Michelle Shigemasa.

French latch clip, rhinestone bauble, and faceted crystal earrings by Michelle Shigemasa.



Shepherd hook and mother of pearl oval earrings by Michelle Shigemasa.


Fused glass, crystals, seed pearls and hammered hook earrings by Michelle Shigemasa.


Handmade lampwork, onyx, seed pearls and silver hook earrings by Michelle Shigemasa.


“Lampworking is a glass technique in which a torch lamp is used to melt glass. The glasswork beads are formed by blowing and shaping with hand movements. Selecting beads, faceted crystals, and silver is a skilled undertaking for a  jewelry artist.  Knowledge of which colors work well together and good hand coordination are important.”  FH&G


Just in for 2021.

Michelle’s  black and white lampwork three dimensional earrings range from $35 to $45.


Miniature ou pettie, oh-so-pretty,  oh-so-petite, and oh là là bauble earrings at $25 from Michelle Shigemasa.


“Artists love using the two shades together when designing because they contrast with one another so well. Black is a bold color, which can embody a feeling of strength. White embodies purity or light. We continue to associate the two colors with good taste.”  FH&G


My motivational byline is design work offering artful, sassy, and classy jewelry pieces with color intertwined. I am curious about a variety of techniques to utilize in creating ageless composition.

Works of jewelry art that depict one’s zest for life grab my attention. I enjoy taking a vision and combining it with the inventive, the distinctive, and the unique into a wearable reality. I also work with dichroic, furnace, and molded glass.

Before the pandemic, my catalog of work was part of a successful fundraiser in Hillsboro, Oregon as well as shown in home gatherings, jewelry parties, and salons.   —Michelle Shigemasa.





My first muse took form as a tribute to my grandmother’s dear friend, Emma Ward. She was so loved we called her Aunt Emmy. Even as a five-year-old I knew she was a fashion icon, adorned in stylish hats, trendsetting gloves, stunning brooches, and standout ensembles of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. She was the gilded lily of her day.reminiscent of those which she dazzled
my five-year-old self. Aunt Emmy’s positive feelings were there for me to see whenever she walked into a room.



Fifteen years ago I crafted my inaugural piece, a necklace composed of gemstones, beads, findings, and a lifetime of collected charms. Since then, I have moved on to incorporate natural materials, fused and lamp work glass, and beads in making jewelry pieces reminiscent of those which Aunt Emmy dazzled my five-year-old self.  —Michelle Shigemasa.


“Iʻm honored to call this amazing, creative, loving woman, Michelle Shigemasa, as my friend and after decades of nurturing the next generation as one of the most amazing teachers Iʻve ever known…you go, girl.” –S. Ward



And, too, complimentary signature gift wrapping just for Michelle’s jewelry through February at Fairweather’s!


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“Thank you for continuing to champion your artists, and speaking for the necessity of art in our future!

You are such a gift to your community.”

Drew Herzig/ January 2021






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