Just in from Michelle and Gretha. Things just perfect for the first day of spring.

Ying/Yang lampwork post earrings by jewelry designer Michelle Shigemasa. $35


The pleasing design of lampwork glass, silver, and druzy bracelets by Michelle Shigemasa. $40

“While elements might be focal points and attract your eye, no one area of the composition draws your eye so much that you cannot see the other areas. Balancing a pleasing composition involves arranging both positive elements and negative space in such a way that no one area of the design overpowers other areas.”  FH&G



Just in!  Unique cards that are perfect for spring greetings. 


Gems in different hues and glitter accents add touches of shimmer

The cards come in a coordinating envelope

From $5.95 to $8.50


“Four by Four” pastel by Gretha Lindwood $400.

The first day of spring is Saturday, March 20, 2021, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, which is marked by the arrival of the vernal (spring) equinox.

Just in!  The springtime collection of Fran’s sea-salted caramel chocolates at Fairweather’s.


Spring sun shining on the Gilbert Block building, located in the Historic Gibert District of downtown Seaside

Fairweather House and Gallery is located in the Gilbert Block building at 612 Broadway Street


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