I hail from California and my two loves are buying bulbs and shoes with flowers on them.”  Mary Lyn Gough

About the artist:

Like any artist, as a child, I started by painting on the walls. 

I sold my first painting in 7th grade. Won 1st prize in the County Fair 5 times in a row. Creating a balance of right & left-brain hemispheres, I collected a few college degrees. I received income in my college years by selling art.  MLG

Art is a luxury we all can afford. I have the experience of witnessing people find the right artwork. Being both a maker and seller of art- I worked at LaHina Gallery in San Francisco. You can tell when someone falls in love with a piece by their expression, body language. Somehow helping them and sharing in that experience of discovery – that Ahaa moment- was compelling. MLG

“Spring Pageant” watercolor 23 x 30 framed by Mary Lyn Gough

“Watercolors have the transparency of oils and a vibrancy of acrylics with the beguiling nature of water. Painting with watercolors is an attempt to control the uncontrollable.” MLG

“Spring Awakening” 23 x 30 watercolor by Mary Lyn Gough
Mary Lyn is a Principal Program Delivery Partner at Providence. She strives to spend at least a couple of weekends a month on the North coast and has served on the Board of the Cannon Beach Arts Association.  In addition, the artist arrived to lecture about her new watercolors, a floral series of original framed art priced at $650 each, during the April Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at the Fairweather Gallery.
Art Walk 421 Col 1
Mary Lyn Gough, water color artist, with Bon Knoll, another Cannon Beach Arts Association Board member.  Fun fact:  Nancy Knoll, spouse of Bob Knoll, is also another Cannon Beach Arts Association Board member.  Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Seaside First Saturday Art Walk photographer.
Arching Glory” 23 x 30 watercolor by Mary Lyn Gough

You can teach the basics of structure, the technique of any art process, however, to access the 7th element within cannot be taught. It comes from your soul or intestines, depending on the day.

It is like Picasso, who during his Blue Period, mastered techniques which allowed him to break all the rules and create Cubism.”  MLG


MARY LYN GOUGH watercolors on display and for sale through April 25.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


“Truly, artists lose themselves in their work revealing the world that exists in the  imagination, transcending grace  through the muse of nature.” FH&G


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