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New art and news from artist Karen Doyle.

Karen Doyle is an award-winning Impressionist oil painter. She paints luminous, colorful landscapes of her local Oregon surroundings and the places she has traveled and lived. She is a member of the Oregon Society of Artists and shows her work at Fairweather House + Gallery in Seaside, Oregon. 

“Gardener’s Delight” oil impasto by Karen Doyle

I paint oil on panel, en Plein Air (outdoors) and in my home studio, I create luminous, impressionist landscapes of Oregon. I paint with palette knife and brush, often beginning with a few pencil lines to mark out my chosen composition, then blocking in large areas of color with a brush.  As the composition unfolds, I build up buttery, thick impasto layers with a palette knife, often scraping up piles of paint from my palette to create new colors with each swipe of the knife.  My impressionist landscapes reflect the intense feelings I get from observing the ordinary beauty that surrounds me everyday.  

I attended UC San Diego and studied a variety of  subjects in the arts and sciences, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and minors in Visual Arts and Philosophy.  Off to graduate school I went, to pursue a PhD in Social Psychology.  I moved to the Pacific Northwest and  began pursuing my goal of becoming a working artist.  I studied life drawing at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, and enrolled in the Museum School (now the Pacific Northwest College of Art, or PNCA) to pursue a Certificate in Fine Art.  Simultaneously, I began my career at Nike, where I have now worked for over 27 years.  

When Covid shut down events, workshops and conventions, I needed to rethink my involvement, and I chose to focus on local engagement.  I  refreshed my membership with the American Psychological Association, a discipline which continues to be a source of passion and fulfillment for me.”  Karen Doyle  

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End grace note Spring 2021… “Daughters are wearing masks while performing live. I’m pleased with the cautious and data-driven approach that Oregon has taken.  Gradually, a new normal emerges.  It changes daily, however.  We are not in control, the virus is.”  Karen Doyle

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