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Just for you. Made by NW Hands ™ from Christine Trexel.

Made by NW Hands ™  paper box with secret compartments by NW paper artist Christine Trexel. Also in pictured in the PLACE-BASED display are double faced masks by textile artist Peggy Evans, signed handmade berry dish and plate by pottery maker Marilyn Cohn, and painted river rock in a sea star theme by Seaside artist Kandy Swartz. 

Christine Trexel became interested in hand paper making, book binding, and box making as an extension of her lifelong love of books.

Artist statement:

“My interest in book binding and box making originated as a part of my lifelong love of books.  I believe that a day which passes without a book having been in my hands, in some form, is an incomplete day.” 

I use decorative paper, book cloth, book board, brass, and high quality print paper in making my boxes often incorporating images embossed, printed, or adhered to the covers.  Every element of the construction of the books and  boxes is done by hand, including hand sewing the pages of the book.CT

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