ON SECOND GLANCE, plein air artist Melissa Jander, on exhibit through Sept. 25 @ Fairweather’s.

Plein Air LIVE on Camano Island with Melissa Jander

I have been painting a lot this year, as many of us artists have been doing with our extra time at home. When I paint it’s like traveling to another place, no matter the subject. It’s the same way when I’m in the garden tending to the flowers. Time seems to disappear and it’s simply delightful.”    Melissa Jander

Melissa Jander is an artist working out of her studio on Camano Island in the San Juan area of Seattle area, and was born in Portland, OR and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Melissa began painting and creating as far back as she can remember, but practicality dictated another career path.

After working in the business world as a graphic designer and in other professional marketing roles, she began seriously pursuing her art in 2001, working in oils on canvas.

She joined local art groups and participated in juried group and solo shows, art fairs, and artist-in-action demos. Current art associations include Oil Painters of America, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, Plein Aire Washington Artists, and Northwest Artists in Action.

“Art life these days with my studio supervisor, Franz.” –Melissa

“Camano Garden Tulips”  12 x 9 oil by Melissa Jander

The garden has given me lots of flowers for painting and for sharing with others in the community. The joy on someone’s face when you hand them a bouquet is one of my favorite things. I think that’s why I include so many flowers in my work; it’s an offering of a bouquet that will never fade. –-MJ

“Favorite Things” 12 x 16 oil by Melissa Jander

I try to capture the luminescence of the petals and the emotion of light bouncing in and around the objects, the reflections of patterns off of different types of surfaces of crystal and silver, multiplying the abundance of joy within the painting.”   MJ

“Time for Brunch” 16 x 20 oil by Melissa Jander

These new paintings for 2021 come to you with love and care. I wish you all many blessings and good health!”  MJ

“Lilacs in Silver Pitcher” 14 x 11 oil by Melissa Jander

“Promises” 12 x 9 oil by Melissa Jander

I try to be as expressive with paint and color as possible, while still staying fairly representational. I love to offer the viewer an opportunity to engage a familiar subject while still leaving room to wander, play and fill in the gaps of interpretation. Painting this way gives me such joy, and I’m delighted to share.”  — MJ


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway



September 5-25

An exhibition that depicts a second look into art concepts, looking past the first glimpse to discover deeper, more specific, and significant elements in the artist conception of the work.

Featuring woodturner Mike Brown with Oregon Myrtlewood inlaid with Azul, watercolorist Mary Burgess working with gold leaf,  Pam Haunschild with water media elements, en plein aire artist Melissa Jander with paintings from the light of the San Juan Island,  Carolyn Myers Lindberg adding copper elements to fused glass, botanical artist Mike Mason with art layered with leaves, and oil painter Lisa Wiser with fresh works celebrating the fall season.

Introducing textile artist Bobbie Garlington and hammered pewter artist Barb Sedgwick.  



“Five new paintings are on their way to you, for your show “On Second Glance”,  including certificates  of authenticity. Thank you again for the opportunity to show brand new work in your gallery. Listen to my interview podcast: “The Camano Voice” episode 93.  —Melissa Jander


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