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Welcoming NW silversmith Jim Hayes to Fairweather’s.

Silver agate cuff

About Jim Hayes, silversmith:
I am fascinated with the materials I use to make jewelry. The silver, rocks, and minerals are full of the wonder of nature. It’s pretty cool that when I cut the stones I use in my work, the stones will tell me what they want.  

 Jim Hayes has been designing and crafting jewelry for more than forty years. He started out at the Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon. He then worked five years to expand into desired galleries throughout the Northwest, which included The Real Mother Goose, among others. Currently, his jewelry is now carried by selected galleries around the country.

Meditation time is crucial to me. I live around lots of water, so when a break is needed, I go sit by the river, meditate and pretend to be fishing. I also love to garden.Jim Hayes

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Thank you to Jan and Dee Shield, fellow artists and Fairweather friends, for referring Jim Hayes to the gallery.

We are pleased that Jim Hayes chose us to represent his jewelry on the North Coast.

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