#317 from Christine Trexel

Handmade jewelry box with silk, embroided top, crystal drawer pulls and book cloth.

#321 and #322 from Christine Trexel

Handmade paper, marbled corner and woven spine

#318 from Christine Trexel

Handmade box on legs with handmade papers, brass knob on top

#319 from Christine Trexel

Handmade box with layered lid in handmade marbled papers

** #320 from Christine Trexel

Handmade paper covers, gold book cloth, vintage stamps with handmade slip case.

Books have been an integral part of Christine Trexel’s life since early childhood. She firmly believes a day without time set aside for reading is an incomplete day. As an adult, she began her journey into creating her own books, which led to boxes and making paper. Christine grows, harvests, and processes plants from her garden to make paper for the books and boxes she creates. Christine has had the opportunity to show her work at Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, in juried shows, and in selected venues.

**The numbering system equals the number of items Christine has created for Fairweather’s!

Christine Trexel is a member of Focus on Book Arts, a group of book artists dedicated to making educational experiences available.

Indeed, Christine Trexel is the July 15-19, 2022 workshop coordinator for Focus on Book Arts, a five-day biennial conference to be held in Forest Grove, Oregon. https://focusonbookarts.org

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