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Just in from Dan Peccia, NW potter and poet.


Bunny and Friends Teapot by Dan Peccia

I am a self taught potter in Southeast Portland.  I started a neighborhood art project and built a free little library type box. The concept was simple. I would put little things that I had made in the box and ask people to pay on an honor system. I would also invite people to leave their original poetry and in exchange for allowing me to use their poems and I would give them some of the poetry pottery.”  DP


Dan started making tile to remodel a fireplace. “That’s where it all started”

Close up of the Bunny Tea Pot lid.

I currently work primarily with low fire clay and glazes, fired in an electric kiln.

Dan Peccia, a SE Portland potter, inspired by poetry and lyrics, is a member of the Oregon Potters Association and serves on the Oregon APSE Board.


Read more about Dan Peccia, potter, poet, and artist here: › 2015/04/01› celebrate National Poetry article…
…by reporter Michelle Frost…
…Graduate Purdue University/ degree in Social Work/ daughter is an Irish Step Dancer/ spouse is also a Social Worker and a poet…

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