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New 2022 arrivals from Charles Schweigert, mixed media sculpture artist.

I am very much a mixed-media artist, producing both two and three dimensional work incorporating a variety of materials and techniques. Bird imagery figures are made using old boro fabrics from Japan and mud cloth from Africa, as well as other exotic textiles from around the world.”   Charles Schweigert

“These are sculptures of imaginary birds made with fabrics stitched over a core. Feet are made of soldered copper wire finished with a black patina. Bases are either painted wood or bundled fabric. Heights are generally in the range of 12 inches to 18 inches.”  CS

These pieces are made entirely of bamboo and waxed linen, and although they suggest basket shapes, they are more sculptural than functional. The bamboo is bent using heat, interwoven, and secured using waxed linen knots. The shapes are inspired by traditional Japanese baskets, which use humble materials to suggest movement and energy associated with natural forces in the environment. –CS

A result is a smart object with an abstract quality similar to Japanese calligraphy, which relies to a large extent on movement and energy to convey meaning. In this respect, they can be viewed as three-dimensional calligraphy. They also reflect the Japanese gardener’s use of simple materials and techniques to suggest a completely natural form. The hand of the maker disappears, and the object appears to have taken shape organically. –CS

Fairweather Gallery

612 Broadway

Located in the Historic Gilbert District

Seaside, Oregon

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