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New art from glass artist and educator Christine Downs.

 “Fused and Smooshed” glass platter by Christine Downs. Color circles of grape, orange, and raspberry.

I like to play with the colors and shapes, and this medium gives me the most inspiration.”  

Slumped and fused glass bowl by Christine Downs.

“Some colors combine with others and react in various ways because of the chemicals in the pigments, art is therapy.” 

An Illinois native who earned an art therapy degree from Trenton State College in New Jersey and a master’s degree in special education from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Christine Downs divides her time between making her artwork, traveling, and teaching special education. 

She taught PSU Interpersonal Neurobiology and co-taught Meditation & the Brain with Caverly Morgan, founder of Portland’s Peace in Schools. She makes art with kindergarten through 5th-grade students at Pioneer School during the school year. She volunteers as a Mindfulness Facilitator for Camp Blue Spruce, a week-long summer camp for kids. When traveling, with her husband, dog, and cat she often offers to work as a substitute teacher.

Slumped glass bowls by Christine Downs
The sheet glass is laid over a mold during the slumping process and put in a kiln up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. As the glass is heated, gravity pulls it down into the mold. Once the glass assumes its desired shape in the kiln, it is slowly returned to room temperature. 

“Glass bubbles can form and appear as if seeded. That is a real surprise!” Christine Downs

The Pacific Northwest is known for great glass—and Portland glass artist Christine Downs pays homage to the area through some of her fused forms.

Christine Downs creates fused-glass bowls, plates, platters, tile, and, new for Fairweathers, letter openers in a 20-inch by 20-inch kiln.

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