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Last call for SEA SYMPHONY and first shout-out for THIS PLACE at Fairweather’s.

By request, SEA SYMPHONY article and inspirations from artist Jan Rimerman.

Sea Symphonies are more than being under the sea; it is all of the activity and excitement which goes on above the surf in a collection of rings, ropes, and boats.

The fishers of the ocean inspire paintings. A seaport offers mystery, a gritty natural beauty, and reveals a gentle ruggedness that takes you back to a time when the seas were as fierce as the people living upon them.  

Paintings depict sea remnants, resonating in pulses of lives long past. They are full of texture and secrets, which allow you almost to feel the salty wind and smell the briny sea.

Histories of lives echo over the misty water when walking on a pier during an early morning fog. A dawn walk along the seaboard offers crisp, spicy air over a low-tide land with barnacle-encrusted rocks exposed.

Frequently with no soul in sight, it feels like the world has rolled back into the centuries. Strolling on a deserted wharf, with disrupted sea birds overhead, one can discover shells underneath the planks, image histories in the bits of broken pottery, and wonder about the battered parts of boats. You absorb the energy of the generations and the ever-changing sea moods while pondering the trappings of generations of hard-working people whose blood responds to the sea calling.  –Jan Rimerman

Last call. Sea Symphony through June 25 An exhibition at Fairweather’s that features the newest original work from regional artists Sandy Viisse, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Emily Miller, Gretha Lindwood, Jo Ann Pari- Mueller, and Jan Rimmerman.

On July 2, the opening reception for THIS PLACE, an exhibition, with works by regional artists Paul Brent, Victoria Brooks, Nick Brakel, Agnes Field, Barbara Bacon Folawn, Cicely Gilman, Bev Drew Kindley, JoAnn Pari-Mueller, and Jan Rimerman. Artist talks at 5:30 p.m., followed by a lecture from biologist, naturalist, and photographer Neal Maine. Live music by Chelsea LaFey and Richard Thomasian. Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode by Paul Brent.

Please read more about our Seaside gallery, our commitment to N.W. artists, and our products made by N.W. artists.
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