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Just a few of our favorite displays for August.

Display #1 for DIFFERENT STROKES:  Watercolor floral by Mary Lyn Gough, fused glass bowl by Christine Downs, glass platter and glass leaves by Monet Rubin, glass plate by Bob Heath, botanical art by Dorota Haber-Lehigh, “Along the Winding Road” (Paul McCarthy quote) in calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, one-of-a-kind jewelry by Mary Truhler, and vintage Louis XV key- lock it ™ necklace by Rene Hafeman.

Display #2 for DIFFERENT STROKES.  Teasel and bird watercolor by JoAnn Pari-Mueller, encaustic roses by Peg Wells,  poppy art by Jan Rimerman, watercolor florals by Leita Gratteri, mixed media collage by Sherrie Stahl, painted urchin rocks by Kandy Swartz, handmade glass dragonfly color spot by Bob Heath, wooden bee bowl by Janis Childs, wood carved turntable by Stuart Dittbrenner, and glass floral dish by Christine Downs.

Display #3 for DIFFERENT STROKES: Pelican oil painting by Paul Brent, raw edge table by Stuart Dittbrenner, sunset pottery by Marilyn Cohn, abstract fused glass by Christine Downs, woven baskets by Jan Dittbrenner, and carved wood chair by Will & Avery.

Display #4 for DIFFERENT STROKES.  Heron mosaic set in wood by Stuart Dittbrenner, sunset oil by Victoria Brooks, pastel four by four chairs and handpainted stemware by Gretha Lindwood, handpainted linens and wooden sunflower bowl by Janis Childs, print of metal by Mike Mason, fused fluted glass by D’arcy Martin, vintage glass from Paul Brent, series of oil paintings on board by Karen E. Lewis, vintage chevron gold abstract caddy, and handmade pottery by Marilyn Cohn.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

DIFFERENT STROKES, an exhibition of original abstracts and contemporary works.

Through August 25

Features watercolors by Bill Baily, en Plein air work by Karen Doyle, frescoes by Agnes Field, Art Deco works by Rene Hafeman, fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, and encaustic works by Peg Wells.


Please read more about our Seaside gallery, our commitment to N.W. artists, and our products made by N.W. artists.

“Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing unique visual experience.” —Seaside Signal.

Representing a collection of fine art and craft by an exceptional group of regional artists for over sixteen years, from traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, and impressionism to emerging art.

DIFFERENT STROKES  staging by KD Fairweather, Allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.

Images by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

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