Jewelry artist Kory Delannoy creates intricate silver wire-wrapped pendants intertwined with precious stones. He masterfully transforms the metal material into fluid organic-shaped forms that ethereally clasp around gems.”  FH&G


Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Peridot, Red Garnet, Citrine and Welo Opal. 

Sterling silver wrapped pendants starting at $200.

Kory has been working as a silver wire wrapping jewelry artist for over eight years. He draws inspiration from the beaches, forests, and mountains surrounding the Pacific Northwest.

Only the highest quality sterling silver and natural gemstones are used to craft these
creations. Various wires are intentionally wrapped by hand into a whimsical design
creating a variety of coils, braiding and three-dimensional shapes. For this reason, each
and every one of these creations is one of a kind and features unique details.” 

What is the connection with history in Kory’s jewelry, you ask?

A: While in college, he traveled to Paris and fell in love with its architecture. And so, in his work, there are elements of medieval and mystical themes.

Kory integrates opposition from the gemstones with the weaving and wrapping of the pendant to create an incredible piece of jewelry. Now at Fairweather’s through October, November, and December.

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