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Just in from N.W. glass artist Bob Heath.

Time Portal I, Side 1 in Wood Base Stand by glass artist Bob Heath.
I have been  working on new fused glass works in the 12″ diameter series and about 3/8″ thick that I call Time Portals. This is the first. I find it fascinating how much the appearance of these pieces changes based on which side is facing forward and whether the light source is in front or behind the work.”  Bob Heath

Bob Heath has been working with glass for over twenty years. He has been privileged to work with and learn from many leading artists in Art Glass. In 2014 he was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Bullseye Emerge Glass Competition, a bi-annual, international event to recognize and reward emerging glass artists. Bob credits his 35-year career as an engineer for the attention to detail evident in his work and for his love of the process of making art glass. Since 2018 the Fairweather Gallery has shown the glass art of Bob Heath in exhibitions.

Bob Heath has served for over ten years on the board of directors of the Oregon Glass Guild, including two years as the organization’s president. And too he is the webmaster for the Fairweather Gallery.

Bob Heath’s art is part of collections and galleries throughout the N.W. Indeed, A. Schnitzer, a N.W. well-known art patron, collected Bod Heath’s geometric radiant art glass she discovered at the Fairweather Gallery.

“I love pushing the boundaries of the fusing processes to find new ways to bring out the inherent beauty of glass. I often lay awake at night while mentally designing a new way to exploit a particular technique or to combine techniques to achieve a specific look I have in mind. These don’t always work out the way I intend, but I almost always learn something new in the process and sometimes that can lead to a whole new series of work.”  Bob Heath

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