“Butterflies,” three dimensional watercolor by JoAnn Pari-Mueller

I have always been a collector, continuously amassing interesting objects of nature and hand-made textiles and crafts. After fifteen years as an art museum tour guide in Oregon, I began immersing myself in art classes at area art schools and colleges. I am an active member of the Oregon Society of Artists, the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and the Portland Society for Calligraphy and have participated in numerous exhibits throughout the state.”  JoAnn

I use watercolors, pastels, marbling, collage, and/or calligraphy to put down on paper the observations I make about the colors, lines, shapes, and patterns of these natural and handcrafted items. It is my goal to have others take away some of the awe I feel when studying their intricacies.

Often fine details catch my eye; other times I’m interested in the relationship between objects – the “collector mentality.”  I like the starkness of a subject against white, but may also intersperse geometric lines or shapes with the mostly curvilinear subjects. Often I use richly colored or detailed borders or backgrounds – influences of the many patterns and colors in my collections.”  JoAnn

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.


Art sale and exhibition

November 5-25

CREATIVE CLASS introducing N.W. artist Cherisse Mia, who applies ammolite gems to abstract art. 

Featuring watercolorist Bill Baily, photographer Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, and collector/ artist/ calligrapher JoAnn Pari-Mueller with pen and ink artist Vanessa K. Stokes. 

It doesn’t make any difference if you’re creative in the art world or the business world, it just matters if you’re able to use your imagination to arrive at unique, inventive ideas or solutions to problems. Being curious and always thinking about “what if I try …” can lead to exciting, novel results. In this grouping of works, I have taken traditional watercolors and tweaked them by combining them with pastels or cyanotypes, cutting them up and regrouping them in collages, or turning them into 3-dimensional images. Some have fairly traditional subject matter, but others are abstract – mostly color to just get lost in.”  Artist statement November “Creative Class” by JoAnn Pari-Mueller

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Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s most sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing and unique visual experience.” –The Seaside Signal.

Find where original art is integrated daily with irreplaceable humanity, friendship, and beauty.

Beautiful things. This is Fairweather’s.

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