“None in America” by Miska Salemann

None or nun: A quiet play on the choice of word by the artist.

In 2022, there were reportedly fewer than 42,000 nuns in America, which is a 76% decline over 50 years. At this rate, one estimate said that there will be fewer than 1,000 nuns left in the United States by 2042, according to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate.

Throughout the painful pandemic and societal upheaval, there remains a need for nuns in America.

Sister Joanne Persch, “I look around me in our community and I see such a vibrant life. It’s changing and growing into something we can’t even imagine.” 

“There’s a fair number of women that enter religious life today that are advocates of social justice.” Margaret McGuinness, professor of religion and theology at Lasalle University

Miska Salemann, a self-taught painter who developed her unique artistic style by imitating the works of late 19th-century impressionist masters, has been painting for almost 30 years. In 2000, Salemann was chosen by U.S. ART magazine as one of 25 prominent artists featured and called an ‘emergency success.’

She has instructed hundreds of students ranging from age five to adult in school settings at her “Art Farm” home in Fall City, Wash. Miska’s teaching style stresses more about the importance of self-expression and experimentation than theory-based painting techniques. Acrylic on canvas is Salemann’s medium of choice, and she typically adds six layers of paint to each work.

Famous works of Miska Salemann often depict Madonna, and the Holy Family, art influenced by her Roman Catholic and Russian Greek Orthodox upbringing. Her artworks often incorporate symbolism and iridescent colors that give them a radiant quality.

“Painting is pure joy for me,” Salemann said. “It really brings me peace and happiness.”

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I’m checking to see if you’d be interested in representing my work during the Seaside Art Walk at your gallery and beyond. The price range of my work ranges between $95 and $5000. Of course, I would be happy to promote your gallery as many visitors stay in Seaside.” MS

I have a gallery at 107 Sunset Blvd, in CB, across from the Pelican Brewery and the Hallmark Hotel.

Please let me know your thoughts and interest in working together. MS

Indeed, yes. Let’s do this. FH&G

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