“Answering What is Still” cold wax on the panel by Peg Wells.

It’s rare for one specific painting medium to have a whole genre of painting associated with it, but Cold Wax Medium is one such medium. Cold Wax Painting is not defined by subject matter nor the degree of realism or abstraction; Cold Wax Painting is unified by artists’ shared interest in experimentation, texture, and the physicality of paint layers.

I married a naval officer, and we traveled to many countries and states. We settled in Oregon a couple of years ago. I started my artistic journey first on the potter’s wheel, then into tile making and designs. When I was first introduced to Encaustics, I knew I had found my niche. Painting with fire enables me to introduce my travel experience into my designs.”  Peg Wells

During a recent HOA relocation interview, Peg Wells, an artist in her 90s, asked if a blow torch studio would be acceptable for her encaustic painting. After learning this would not be permitted, she changed her painting technique to cold wax.

“I have adapted to paint with cold wax in our primary residence in the valley.” –P.W.

I will enthusiastically continue my hot wax encaustic painting in our second home in Seaside.” P.W.

The most significant difference between encaustic and cold wax is that, while with encaustic painting, the wax must be molten to work with and then reheated with a blow torch (fused) once applied to the surface, in cold wax painting, there is no heat involved.

A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.” –Proverb

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