Handmade twig tree from a friend of N.H., Fairweather gallery patron.


A collage featuring Made by N.W. Hands ™. Top left is a Pacific Force image by Neal Maine over the fireplace. Top right is a tree made from books by N. H.  Bottom left is an ornament made with vintage textiles by D.F.  Pictured in the middle bottom is a collection of polar bear cat nip toys made by S.V.-G. The bottom right is a strike-off close-up of a vintage tea-dipped newspaper tree by L.L.
From a personal collection in the Fairweather house, a collage of recycled paper, driftwood, and vintage cone trees.

And, so, this is a Fairweather wrap, as we enter the family and friends time of the year. We have all worked extraordinarily hard to realize our dreams in 2022. Now is the time to celebrate those successes. Being artful and grateful for artists of all kinds.  Their work keeps on flourishing, with the peaks, quantity, and quality soaring higher and higher. Indeed, it is through Made by NW Hands ™ that we honor visionaries who are changing our cultural arts community.  We look forward to 2023, a year that promises to be even more full of ideas and inspiration.”

Please read more about our Seaside Gallery, our commitment to N.W. artists, and our products made by N.W. artists.

Find where original art is integrated daily with irreplaceable humanity, friendship, and beauty.

Beautiful things.

This is Fairweather’s.

612 Broadway 

Seaside, Oregon


Closed December 24-25 to allow time for family and friends.

Open December 26 for our 16th annual “Foul Weather” event.

And, too, as usual,  we are closed Tues & Wed until summer.

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