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Just in from Bob Heath, glass artist.

Blue, Lavender, French Vanilla, and Espresso braided glass platter by Bob Heath

11 1 ⁄ 4” long x 7′ wide x 1″ tall

Bob Heath is a retired Software Engineer who now gets to spend his time making beautiful things out of glass. His glass artwork is typically colorful and features geometric patterns with strong lines and sharp contrasts.

Fun Fact: He served for over ten years on the board of directors of the Oregon Glass Guild, including two years as the organization’s president.

Convergence Blue Pinwheel Glass on Oak Base with Stand by Bob Heath

8” wide x 3 1⁄2” deep x 11 3⁄4” tall 

Fun Fact: A metal stand, crafted by an engineer, holds on tight to the glass and can turn slowly to release the platter for possible horizontal functions, such as a  non-pareil serving platter.

My primary focus is fused glass. My designs require the creation of multiple component pieces that are fused separately, then subsequently cut, shaped and fused together to create the whole. I am mostly known for strip-construction work which involves cutting narrow strips of glass and placing them on edge to create detailed patterns.”  —Bob Heath, glass artist

Green, White, and Blue Glass
Kaleidoscopic Bowl by Bob Heath

4 1⁄2” dia x 4 3⁄4” tall

Green, White, Blue Glass Pinwheel Symmetrical Platter by Bob Heath

8 1⁄4” dia x 2 1⁄4” tall

I take pride in giving my pieces a professional finish by doing extra things like grinding and polishing the rims. I like to think that I work not only with glass but also with light. I love opal glasses for their ability to reflect light and create patterns and transparent glasses for the way they transform light and the colorful shadows they cast.”  –Bob Heath, glass artist

Woven Translucent Braided Glass Platter with Open Edge by Bob Heath

8″ square x 1 1⁄4” tall

Weaving  glass repeatedly to form an optical pattern , with glass bars that are literally cut, overlapping, and placed in a way that simulates braiding.”   –– Bob Heath, glass artist

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.


For OpArt, short ‘optical art.’

Art sale and exhibtion through May 25

Artists use unique shapes, colors, and patterns to create images that look moving or blurring.

Featuring abstract art by Mike Brown in Myrtlewood, Martin Conley in gnarled maple, Diane Copenhaver in acrylics, Stuart DIttbrenner in live edge furniture,  Bob Heath in glass, Carmela Newstead in oils, and Peg Wells in beeswax encaustics.

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing unique visual experience.” — Seaside Signal

Representing a fine art collection by an exceptional group of regional artists for over fifteen years. From traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, and impressionism to emerging art since 2006.

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