For A COMPLETE UNKNOWN, Fairweather’s September exhibition, JoAnn Crews Wellner, glass artist.

“Standing Tall” Hollyhock glass panel with stand by JoAnn Wellner.

“Imagine a beautiful piece of art that captures the mesmerizing essence of heat and fire. Picture delicate, translucent glass that has undergone a magnificent transformation, melting under intense heat only to fuse and form an exquisite, three-dimensional design. This remarkable fusion of molten glass creates an intricate masterpiece that effortlessly captivates the imagination.

In this art form, the artist harnesses the power of fire and heat to shape the glass, allowing it to flow freely and take on a life of its own. As the glass melts and begins to merge, the artist carefully manipulates it, guiding its transformation into a stunning work of art. Each sculpture is unique and tells its own story, showcasing JoAnn Wellner’s skill, creativity, and vision.” –FH&G

Introducing the extraordinary JoAnn Wellner: Master of Glass Artistry!

“Moody Blues” glass landscape

Specializing in …

Functional, Non-Functional, Organic, Traditional, Decorative, Artwork, Jewelry, Garden, Bright, Colorful, Complex, Black, Blue, Brown, Ivory, Gold, Green, Grey, Indigo, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White, Yellow, Warm glass, Cast, Hot and Cold work, Fused, Glass, Kiln Formed, Sandblasted, Bowl, Dish, Ornament, Plate, Platter, Window, and Fused Glass Panels in Stands.

Glass sunflower platter on stand by JoAnn Wellner.

“The intricate pattern and delicate layered detail created through this fused glass process are truly awe-inspiring. Swarths of vibrant colors intertwine, forming a dance of light and shadows. The transparency of the glass adds an ethereal quality as if the sunflowers are floating in mid-air, casting shimmering reflections on its surroundings.” –FH&G

JoAnn Crews Wellner at Pilchuck Glass Studio

Like many other glass artists, my journey began over 45 years ago with stained glass. Countless suncatchers later my interest was drawn to the “newer” technique of glass fusing.  I find myself still deeply involved in that art form. I continue to enjoy exploring new ideas and techniques and sharing the knowledge I have gained with a loyal group of students at my fully equipped studio in Oregon. –JCW

I feel incredibly fortunate for the remarkable journey I have embarked on in the world of glass. This extraordinary path has allowed me to travel far and wide and exposed me to the remarkable works of countless artists whose creativity and craftsmanship I deeply admire.

These encounters have deepened my appreciation for the art form and expanded my understanding of the diverse techniques, styles, and traditions within the realm of glassmaking. From the delicate artistry of Murano glass to the intricate stained glass windows of Gothic cathedrals, each encounter has left an indelible mark on my artistic sensibilities and further fueled my creative aspirations.

The camaraderie and support from fellow glass enthusiasts, the invaluable mentorship from seasoned artisans, and the lasting friendships forged with kindred spirits have added an immeasurable richness to my life.

Looking back on this incredible odyssey, I cannot help but reflect on how it has shaped and completed me as an individual. The profound sense of fulfillment and purpose of pursuing a passion with unwavering dedication is unparalleled. Through the medium of glass, I have discovered a means of self-expression and a way to connect with others on a deeper level, transcending language and cultural barriers.

I eagerly anticipate the limitless possibilities and new wonders that await, forever grateful for the transformative power of creativity and the magnificent art of glassmaking.

I find immense joy in crafting glass pieces that beautifully mirror the wonders of nature. Every creation is a vibrant celebration of the boundless beauty that surrounds us. From delicate glass flowers adorning garden art to intricately crafted landscapes, I wholeheartedly embrace the exciting challenges of bringing such exquisite scenes to life.” ” —JoAnn Wellner


Fairweather House and Gallery 

612 Broadway St.

Through September 25th

A COMPLETE UNKNOWN, an exhibition that features art outside the range of one’s current experience. Highlighting the unfamiliar mixed media works by Agnes Field, imaginary abstracts by Helvi Smith, and introducing unique glass sculptures by JoAnn Wellner.

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing unique visual experience.” — Seaside Signal

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