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For A COMPLETE UNKNOWN, Fairweather’s September exhibition, artist Agnes Field.

“Our Better Nature” by Agnes Field

Mixed media on panel 24”x 24

Using a unique approach, Agnes Field applies multiple plaster, sand, and marble dust layers to create a smooth, textured surface that adds richness and depth to her work.

The Astoria-based artist uses a “matter-of-fact approach to painting and making objects by improvising and reusing found materials along with the paint to amplify the intended meaning.” Field has a Master’s Degree in Studio Fine Art from New York University and served as president of the non-profit Astoria Visual Arts and Visual Arts Curator @KALA exhibition space and has been included in many juried exhibits and residencies. Agnes Field has gained recognition for her remarkable fresco paintings.

“Painting is a dark romance for me – a sensuous love of paint and materials, but also the expression of unknown meaning that always finds its way to the surface. It is often on the edge between making and destroying.

You can look at an object for a long time until it is so familiar, and then one day, an entire meaning changes – which changes the object in turn. Painting is one way of looking for the mystery that is always there hiding in plain sight, and is the price of one’s time for understanding.”
–Agnes Field

Fairweather House and Gallery 

612 Broadway St.


Through September 25th

A COMPLETE UNKNOWN, an exhibition that features art outside the range of one’s current experience. Highlighting the unfamiliar mixed media works by Agnes Field, imaginary abstracts by Helvi Smith, and introducing unique glass sculptures by JoAnn Wellner

“A COMPLETE UNKNOWN” is a captivating display of Agnes Field’s artistic range and versatility. It will be a chance for art enthusiasts to witness the evolution of her talent and appreciate the beauty she brings to both fresco and watercolor mediums. Whether you’re drawn to the powerful textures of her frescoes or the gentle allure of her watercolors, Agnes’ art has a way of captivating hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impression long after you’ve experienced it. –FH&G

Fairweather House and Gallery has become one of the historic Gilbert District’s sought-after destinations offering an ever-changing unique visual experience.” — Seaside Signal

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