A freshly painted and repaired entrance at the Fairweather Gallery, just in time for November events in Seaside.

Earlier in the year, an exciting event unfolded in the charming city of Seaside. As part of the City of Seaside Tourism Treasure Quest for 2023, the entrance to the Fairweather Gallery was highlighted.

Nestled within the Gilbert Block Building, an architectural marvel and one of the oldest buildings in the Historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside, the Fairweather Gallery has been a beloved destination for art enthusiasts and seekers of inspiration.

However, in the wondrous dance of weather and the mischievous game of building maintenance, the entrance of the Gallery decided to throw a temper tantrum. Oh, the audacity! Just when the fall season tourist extravaganza was about to commence, the dry rot finally arrived at the very front door. Talk about impeccable timing! It seems like the entrance wanted to make its own grand entrance, stealing the spotlight from all the tourist happenings. Behold, the fickle nature of life!

Ta Da, exterior repairs are done! We can, once again, organize special events without having to answer Q&A’a from inquiries about what is happening to the building and without apologizing for the declining appearance of the exterior and entrance on Broadway!!!

Yes, after the completion of the exterior building repairs from the new management maintenance company, the Fairweather Gallery can proudly welcome visitors, such as the Seaside, NJ, Harley Davidson riders to Seaside, Oregon once again.

We will host the SDDA Fall Wine Walk this weekend, with LIVE music and wine tasting from D’vua Wineries.

We will have decorations for the upcoming winter season on display.

And too, we are incredibly excited to bring your attention to the highly anticipated November special event, the BEYOND exhibition. This carefully curated showcase features an exquisite and original collection of artworks created by immensely talented regional artists. By hosting this extraordinary event, we aim to celebrate the incredible skill and creativity within our community and provide an exceptional opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in a world of beauty and inspiration.

Thank you to S. Powell, Ryan, and especially to Taslema Sultana (the new owner of the Gilbert Block Building, Oct. 2023). This group has worked together to do the needed repairs in a relatively short time frame during marginal weather and winds. It is a remarkable achievement! –FH&G

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

The Gilbert Block Building


Located in the Historic Gilbert District of Downtown Seaside

The restored entrance serves as a testament to the skill and dedication of those involved in the restoration and as a window into the rich history and artistic heritage it embodies.

Congratulations on the beautifully restored entrance! Sending you warm and kind words from my far and away heart. The meticulous efforts put into the restoration process have paid off, as the entrance now shines with renewed splendor. –AK

–AK has served in the past as a writer for the Gilbertonians in 2009, the Historic Gilbert District, and is a beloved patron based in NYC who visited Seaside this past summer.

(received Nov. 10, 2023)

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