Someone to count on:

That’s what we are,  “we are someone to count on”, writes a patron. 

The back story:

She selected a necklace and asked if it was possible to design a matching bracelet and a  pair of earrings, yet,  we encountered a bit of a road block, as the original jewlery designer called back with news of being out of the area (away on a cruise, it IS the cruise and flyway season). 

So the request went forward to another jewelry designer, Karen J., a truly gifted gal, a gifted artist whose cruising away time completed for the season (this WAS really good news for us). 

She who stepped forward to create and satisfy. 

The client put her trust in both of us.  “Just do, please, if you are able”. 

And we did.

Karen exhausted every possiblity to find a perfect match to the pearls (real), crystals and the sterling silver.  Mutilipe images flew back and forth between patron and artist,  and yes, the client gave full approval to create.

So the patron received her jewelry, as requested, and just in time for a very, very special occasion (a wedding). 

And so, we post a terrific thank you to Karen Johnson, jewelry designer, friend and dear neighbor.  

Truly, you’re the best!