Bev Drew Kindley, artist and philosopher

IMG_030072Pictured:   Bev Drew Kindley, artist and philosopher
Part of her conversation offered during the June 1 Art Walk, “Doing Good Works”

“Observing and painting is a meditation, an active appreciation, a way
to connect intuitively with nature.  When I turn to the peace of  beaches, the strength of trees in shadow, the spirited persistence of the changing weather or the flickering light on water, I feel refreshed, exhilarated, enriched.  I absorb a scene, focus on the mood, simplify the important features and begin to visualize a way to suggest
feelings and ideas and create a sense of life.”

Penelope Culbertson

Seaside Art Walk
June 1, 2013
Featuring: Penelope Culbertson

Since her return to Northwest, Penelope has had numerous solo exhibits of her watercolors. She showed year round at the Hawthorne Arts Gallery and annually at the Buckman Art Show where she was the founding chairman of the Children’s Art Sale. She taught children’s art classes at the Buckman Arts Magnet Elementary and for the Portland Parks Dept in their after-school program. She helped produce a book of children’s watercolors about the Portland Water System.

Penelope teaches classes in calligraphy and watercolors. She experiments in watercolors, oil pastels, collage, tapestry weaving and calligraphy. She is a member of the Portland Society of Calligraphy. She is now painting on large panels. Recent commissions have been for a new complex on the waterfront, Grays Landing.

Penelope is represented Fairweather House and Garden for the summer of 2013.

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