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Wow, wow and wow…speechless times three…a note from artist Carol Thompson.

Hi Denise,

We are working on the next book titled “Carol Thompson Paints The Sea – Vol 1. It will have 20 paintings including “Fair Weather Sea” that Carol painted at your gallery. I’ve included an image of the painting as an attachment. Also, the following is the text that will be with the image in the book. The epilog is the tribute to you and the gallery. Hope it meets with your approval.

Thanks, Ed (and Carol)

“Fair Weather Sea”

“The last rays of sunshine glint on the top of a rising breaker at the edge of a ‘fair weather sea’.”

Artist comment: “Seascapes have long been my forté. I live near the shore to have easy access to my passion; the ocean. This scene is a composite of various waves and swells I have observed. I sketched the scene with it in mind that the late day fog bank has formed on the horizon; the tide is coming in; and offshore rocks are being inundated by the swells, creating swirling foam patterns. My style is to begin with a quick sketch to establish the lights and darks, as well as the compositional elements. I began at the top of the canvas and worked on down. The rocks were rendered with a palette knife.”

Epilog: “Fair Weather Sea” was painted at the “fairweather house & garden” in Seaside, Oregon during a series of public appearances by Carol Thompson where she demonstrated “painting the sea in oil on canvas”. As a tribute to the gallery (and the owner Denise Fairweather) the painting was titled “Fair Weather Sea”.

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