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Forever images from our 99th Art Walk and beyond.


Art patrons view artist Lori-Wallace Lloyd, who offered a Seaside Painting LIVE(tm) event at Fairweather’s, March 7th. The evening was our 99th Seaside First Saturday Art Walk!  Always and forever, we promise to offer a dialogue with NW artists.

Fun Fact:

And, too, succulents were given on March 7th during COASTAL KINDRED, symbolic green and growing “Feng Shui” gifts.  The evening was all about favorable energy radiating from an ever-expanding circle of “finding the good”.

And, so it was, too,  “finding the good” on March 18th. Fairweather’s was honored to receive the 2015 CEDR Business Service to the Community award.  So thankful and grateful to be living for the arts and supporting the arts..

SAVE THE DATE!  April 4th, Fairweather’s 100th Art Walk “COLOR LOVER”. Artists arriving Britney Drumheller, Mary Schulnegger, Neal Maine, Gayle Seely. Neal Maine will speak at 6:pm about the colorful changes happening in all things to do with nature and coastal habitats. Honoring artist Carmela Newstead in a farewell exhibition. Stay tuned for more details.

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