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Pure artistry…new work arriving from Rinee Merritt.


Octopus lamp by artist Rinee Merritt.

Summertime artistry to satisfy our yearnings for the handmade.
New work brings life, and emotion, to our spaces.

Artist’s statement: “A continued investigation into horticulture and science engages my conversations in kiln formed glass. I frequently include the language of graphic design to focus my communication and messaging. Using glass silk-screening, glass kiln forming and glass casting, I use the light and color to direct my studies in texture, shape, and species. My previous life as a horticulturist and my current work as a graphic designer feed my art investigations, the art feeds my graphic design. This is my circle of life, there is always artistic inspiration to find in our world.” –Rinee Merritt

Please visit for more information about the artist.

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