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About Sherrie Stahl, collage artist arriving for FALL RETREAT.

Spared Crow
Spared Crow

Spared Chinese Crow. Collage by Sherrie Stahl.

Life has a funny way of shaping your art and it certainly rings true for collage artist and photographer, Sherrie Stahl. When asked why she’s so motivated to be out every day to photograph wildlife, she’ll tell you that it’s her life blood…it keeps her moving, thinking, free and at one with the outdoors.

These force of nature can be seen in her mixed media collages when she mixes her photography with her art. She is drawn to the flow of light, the strong colors of nature, the ebbs and flows of design layers and the intricate details found everywhere around her.

You will find her most days splitting her time between wildlife photography and her art studio…always immersed in the process of discovery.

Artist’s statement:

“I don’t approach the canvas with an idea…instead I surround myself with a small palate of colors and then begin layering my uniquely designed papers with pieces from my collection of art objects (which grows daily).

I save everything…I love combining the typed text of old books with my original designed stamps and print much of my own paper. Then I take my photographs and create unique transfers that can be added to my collages.

It combines the two things I love the most, photography and art.”

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