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Postcards from Daniel & Cherry Harris.



Wood worker Daniel Harris in a Fairweather postcard.

“Turning wood that has been recently cut down requires special care in order for the wood to end up in its intended state. For bowls, the fresh-cut wood (green wood), is rough turned to an approximate shape. The rough turned bowl is then coated with a wax emulsion and left to dry before final turning is done. Daniel’s latest skill is turning hollow form bowls and vases.” –Daniel Harris

We are  grateful for the post card collages created  by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


“Thank you for putting on such a lovely Art Walk.  It was wonderful to meet the artists and hear them speak about their art.  Thank you for the turned wood bowl I a gift.  It is so lovely and I feel so lucky to have it in my home.”  –G. Engels


And, too, textile artist Cherry Jones Harris, spouse of Daniel, is featured in a Fairweather postcard.


Hey, there Cherry Jones Harris, textile artist… we have SOLD all your one-of-a-kind summer edition batik coastal catch alls!

“Sewing is my passion. For the Fairweather Gallery I have recently designed and created new FALL Coastal Carry all bags each with one-of-a-kind Batik fabrics.” –Cherry


S-h-h-h, whisper very quietly. Fall accessories. Sneak peek.

Tall, mid-century modern interpretations of natural pine wood is are crafted into turned wood candlesticks. The candle holders have a polished nickel base to hold a candle up to four inches in diameter, low 6 1/2″ diameter by 14″ high
medium 6 3/4″ diameter by 17″ high
tall 6″ diameter by 19 1/2″ high
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