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FIRST LOOK images. An exhibit through November.

best tear drop

First Look November window display  at Fairweather’s. 

First Look bracelet tree.


First Look jewelry tray featuring Mary Boitta, who experiments in druzy semi-precious stones in designs that retain femininity and fineness.

First Look jewelry tray featuring Karen Johnson, a natural-born artist, boldly designs meticulously handcrafted statement jewelry that could – and should – be featured in magazines.

First Look jewelry tray featuring Robyn Hall, who has no art degree or formal training, yet creates stunning mouth-blown glass lamp work bracelets and earrings.

First Look jewelry tray featuring Cher Flick, a graduate from the Gemological Institute of America, who creates jewelry “doing good works ™”, giving back to a charitable foundation in honor of her mother, Joanie.

First Look jewelry tray featuring Christine Johnson, designer, who creates necklaces from Oregon beach stones.


First Look featuring the silver work

 by Alan Stockam, each design is signed and numbered.

Strike off enlargement of a jewelry tray featuring Billie Johnstone, a former clinical practitioner, who sparked her retirement into a means to support to the youth programs in Soweta, South Africa. Proceeds are “doing good works ™” that changes lives.

Highlighting jewelry designer Renée Hafeman, who embraces a love of vintage Chanel ™  jewelry and gives them new life. Redesigning the pieces, she prays “whoever wears, please be blessed in some way.”


With appreciation and gratitude to StephBuffington photos.

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