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Just in from Blue Bond.

“Camping Out”  original oil by Blue Bond.


About the artist: Blue Bond has an Art Studio and Gallery located in the Historic Gilbert District.  In addition, he shows themed art at Fairweather House and Gallery, selecting a work of art that complements the ever-changing month-long exhibitions.

About Blue Bond Art Studio and Gallery:


Amazing paintings by artist Blue Bond done in oil on canvas.  Animals, people, still life, and wonderful scenery pictures delight guests.  Blue  Bond is also a teacher, and enjoys passing on his vast knowledge to novices and experienced painters alike.


Private classes in oil or acrylic are available, reasonably priced.   Stop by the Blue Bond Art Studio  and Gallery at 417 S Holladay Drive in beautiful Seaside, Oregon for a marvelous experience.

And, do not fret…although there is a “for sale” sign in front of the gallery, Blue Bond  is staying in the area…just needing for more room for classes and a fenced yard new pets.


Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Since 2006 Fairweather House and Gallery has worked jointly with fellow regional artists to provide a unique exhibition each and every month.


Images by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall and Scott Saulsbury, fellow photographers and friends,  who work together for the good of the Historic Gilbert District’s special events.





Linda and Scott each attended Seaside High School and had Neal Maine as a teacher.


Neal Maine lecture.  Photo by Scott Saulsbury.

“Mr. Maine… still teaching, just not to high school students anymore,  Fairweather’s Art Walk in Seaside.” Scott


Linda Fenton-Mendenhall grew up in a family that had a major nursery. Linda has an antique business and does estate sales in the county.

And, too, Scott grew up in a family who had a nursery that was a friendly competitor (Scott’s family had the RainTree Nursery in Seaside).  Scott is the founder of Gardenware Nursery Labeling.





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