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Welcome watercolor artist Lieta Gratteri.

Artist Lieta Gratteri


I have been painting for eight years and love bringing living items into my art, such as  birds. I love making them come alive, trying to capture a lot of texture on my paper. Watercolor has its own mind sometimes; it’s fun trying to control it to what I’m looking for.

“Chickadee Bundle” watercolor by Lieta Gratteri

My main medium is watercolor with some oil painting on the side.


I love pushing color which is terrific with birds.


“I Spy” watercolor with gold leaf by Lieta Gratteri

As you can see, I love to work with color. Making things glow is a passion for me. Layering colors gets a real nice effect.

Table display of Lieta Gratteri’s art.

On exhibit through February 2020.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

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