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For WILD BEAUTY. Moon and ocean art by Ron Nicolaides. On exhibit Nov. 7th- 24th.

“Moonlight Sea” by Ron Nicolaides 


Once in a blue moon sale for the moon and ocean art of Ron Nicolaides. 

Two paintings available

“The Needles” and “Moonlight Sea”

Each one 17×20 oil on canvas in wood carved gold leaf frame 25×29

Each one $2500 reduced to $1750 through November 30th


Once in a blue moon …means to do it very rarely. The phrase refers to the appearance of a second full moon within a calendar month, which happens about every thirty-two months.




 “Moon over Mt. Jefferson” by Ron Nicolaides oil on canvas 2019 16×20



The next Blue Moon will come on October 31, 2020.

During a Blue Moon cycle the moon and the sun are in a straight line on opposite sides of the earth. Their gravitational forces combine to create larger waves.




Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


 WILD BEAUTY exhibition

Through Nov. 24th


Featuring NW artists Leopoldine “LEO” Brew, Agnes Field, Patricia Clark-Finley, Dorota Haber-Leligh, Ron Nicolaides, Neal Maine, Jan Rimerman, and Vanessa K. Stokes.

Welcoming  encaustic artist Claudia Fuenzalida Johns.

The strength of WILD BEAUTY lies in the detailed and multivariate perspectives each artist brings showing us a different viewpoint.

They all use WILD BEAUTY as the theme in their work but they use different techniques and the way they see it is distinctively unique.





Ron Nicolaides lives in Oregon and studied art at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri, but is primarily a self-taught artist. He painted his first oil seascape in his teens and credits art museums as a basis for his continuing knowledge of art and the Hudson River School style he pursues.

His strength is his capacity to push the limits of oils and multiply glazes to create the masterful works that bring the viewer right into the scene. His work is on exhibit in museums and selected galleries throughout the United States.





Ron Nicolaides is a featured artist in the book  Northwest Artists- A Collection of Works by Notable Northwest Artists.  Hardbound. 223 pages, 400 color illustrations. Signed copies available at Fairweather’s.  $29.95





Published Cameron Blagg Jr. is a founding member of the Northwest Artists Association. He developed the concept for the recent book Northwest Artists as a way to honor and promote painters and sculptors based in this region. The publication highlights more than 150 artists with several examples of their work.



For more about the artist, please visit …artists/ Ron Nicolaides.


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